February 11, 2008


GO ON over there now!

I'm going to integrate the two blogs and update my SORELY IN NEED OF IT website Very, Very Soon.

February 04, 2008

Still my favorite lip dub

Filmed in the Dominican Republic last November. No pink iPods were harmed in the making of this lip dub.

February 03, 2008

Best of the Lip Dubs: Journey

I filmed this on a lark in January, walking home from seeing the musical RENT (for the fifth time) on 41st Street, down 8th avenue ... it was raining and FREEZING, but I was so happy.

Best of the Lip Dubs: Joy to the World

I was walking across one of the gorgeous bridges in Chicago in the summer of 2007 and it seemed like a great place to do a lip dub. My dad used to play Joy to the World to me when I was little, so I thought it appropriate. I have to say, filming yourself fake-singing in public is an exercise in extreme self-confidence ... I've never, in my life, gotten that many weird looks. And that's saying something. (fun fact! In the background is the brand new Trump building ...)

Best of the Lip Dubs: Tomorrow

My mom shot this video on the shore of Lake Michigan, but unfortunately it's not perfectly sync'd.  Oh well.  Still a classic, if only for the part where Lilly takes off running when I sing at her ;)

The Lip Dub that Started It All: Glamorous

December 10, 2007

Julia's SUPER WICKED AWESOME BESTEST Holiday Gift Ideas Ever!!! (well, for 2007 at least)

Tired of the same old bullshit Bath&Body-Works-shower-gel-and-loofah-set kind of gifts??  Of course you are!  They are a pile of SUCK.

In no particular order, here are some WAY FUNNER ideas:

For the girl/guy/dog who has everything, except their own URL and a blog
Buy them a URL from GoDaddy.com (it's only $10!), then set up a Tumblr account (the blog software even your mom can figure out).  Then, when it's time to exchange gifts, just tell them to go type in their name.  Awesome, right??  Just think, you've now contributed to a significant decrease in their productivity for the next YEAR.  What other gift does that besides Xbox?!?!

For your grandma, who's not 100% clear on the concept of "computers"
Printer that sends email & photos to old people who don't own computers

For your friend who takes washing clothes VERY seriously.  In card, joke about combining red socks and white sheets.  Watch her cry.
Anything from TheLaundress.com

For that walking contradiction: the Organized Procrastinator

"Later" File Folders

For the nap-lovingest person in your life
Bath & Body Works - Sweetest Softest Nap Blanket on Earth
Bath & Body Works - Sweetest Softest Lambie Sleep Mask on Earth

For the one who just can't STOP napping
"Clocky" - the Alarm Clock that Runs Away and Hides

For your OCD friend
Take Charge Charger Case

For your ditzy friend
Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

For your ignorant friend.  This'll learn him.
Subscription to The Economist

For your friend who WILL. NOT. STOP. TEXTING. even though it's negative 20 out.
J.Crew Wool-Cashmere Convertible "Texting" Gloves

For anyone who needs a little perspective
Expecting Adam

For anyone who needs a little oral hygiene
Braun Oral-B Power toothbrush 9900 (my parents once got me a dentist appointment as my sole Xmas gift.  I am exaggerating 0%.)

For the 15-year-old in your life.  Or the girl who wishes she were 15.
Design Her Gals Stationary

For the 7-year-old in your life.  Or the girl who wishes she were 7.

Out to Tea hair bows

For that friend who basically works in the real life version of The Office
"I'm Savin' Up to Quit My Job" Tin Bank

For the girl in your life who thinks of her clothing as ART which should be displayed

Pottery Barn Teen - Pink Dottie Dress Form

For the friend who bores the SHIT out of you
"Would you rather...?" Conversation Starters Original Set

For the dog lover who's too poor to hire a dogwalker
Walking the Dog Doorknob Hanger

For your friend who just got knocked up
Baby Tattoos - see?  Parenting is fun!  You can tat your baby up!

For your girlfriend, who won't wear Uggs (SOOO 2003!!) but then refuses to walk outside for more than a block in her 4 inch pumps, which makes it difficult to actually do much. (I own a pair and they are the best thing to have ever happened to my feet.)
Rubberduck - Snowjoggers

For a sibling you farted on in your youth
What's Your Poo Telling You?

For that crazy friend of yours who uses her kitchen.  (Or your mom.)
Lazy Spoon.  I wouldn't normally condone a $27 spoon, but, I mean, this is pretty brilliant.  And hell, it's Christmas.  GO CRAZY!

For married friends in couples therapy.
Marital Bliss Chocolate Bar

For your stylish friend / sister
Elbow Length Gloves

For anyone in your life who already owns (or aspires to own) monogrammed bath towels
Crabtree & Evelyn - Rosewater collection

For the annoyingly serene Yoga bitch in your life.  Slut.
Yoga Paws

For your favorite alcoholic (so many choices!)
Dear Cab Driver Paper Napkins

For the one friend of yours who actually owns Louis Vuitton luggage, and every goddamn time you vacation together, becomes convinced all the other passengers are trying to steal it.
Funniest Luggage Tags Ever

For your friend who just owns LL Bean luggage.
Luggage ID Tag

For your friend who gets into bitchfights with TSA.  Every.  Time. ("Do you KNOW how much this Chanel Lipgloss COSTS!?!  I AM NOT THROWING IT OUT YOU WHORE!")
See-Thru Cosmetics Travel Bag

For your iPhone obsessed boyfriend.  The iPhone MUST NOT TOUCH THE FLOOR.
Mobile Device Charging Holder

For the crankiest bitch you know.
"I Need Chocolate" Tampon Case

Pair it with Midol Maximum Strength and it's like some sort of super-clever, super-useful gift set for the PMSing!

PS: If anyone wants to snap up an extra of ANY of these items for me, I wouldn't send it back, if you know what I mean ;)

October 25, 2007



October 23, 2007

I don't know ...

... if this is one of those fads like "slap bracelets," that I'll soon tire of, but I'm trying out a Tumblog, or Tumblr blog, or "Tumbrrrr" as I call it.  It's more off-the-cuff, stream-of-consciousness than this blog, if you can believe it.

Again, it's an experiment.  We'll see.

Here it is!

October 22, 2007

And for the desk ...

From Pottery Barn.  It folds down to reveal a desk-like thing.

Ugh.  What is it like to have an entire room for your home office?  Must be nice.

Can't. Make. Decisions.

How hard is it to make a simple decision, on a simple product, like a bed?  ARGHHHHHHH SO FREAKING HARDDDDDD.

I can't decide between the following beds:

A) queen size canopy from Pottery Barn Teen


B) king size canopy from Room & Board (the bed I have now, except I would have to rebuy it, since the ex is keeping the old one?)

The considerations include:
- My mom labels the first choice "a princess bed" which is "going in the wrong direction," and indicates my refusal to grow up (I've had to live in a grown up brown and beige apartment for the last two years!  I want to revert to childhood!!  I want white and pink!)
- I want a king size bed, but A) the first bed doesn't come in a king and B) the room is pretty freaking small for a king
- Is it ridiculous to buy a canopy bed to go in such a small apartment?
- Bed A is $600 less than Bed B.
- Note that the top bed has a footboard, which might close off the small space even more.  But, oh, I love that bed!  I haven't seen it in person, though ...

UPDATE: I've been informed that a canopy bed in such a small space (12 x 14) is insanity.  Okay ... so what about this bed, below?  Although I'm really devastated that my princess fantasy can't come to life.  I don't think I would've picked the apartment if I had thought I couldn't have a canopy bed!  Yeah, yeah, I know that sounds like I'm 7 and I refuse to take off my Disney Cinderella tutu or whatever, but you know what?  I've always wanted to go full out girly and never had a chance.  So I don't see what the problem is.  (Defensive much, right?)


Julia Allison: have you heard of flowers?
Jakob: the band?

October 21, 2007

Google Me Not.

I'm going on a date with a *new* guy on Wednesday, and I practically begged him not to google me.  "It'll be post-post modern!  A REAL blind date!" I insisted, hoping the tiniest bit of desperation didn't creep into my voice.  I just want, for once, the kind of date I used to have ... the kind where I didn't have to spend the evening explaining various humiliating blog posts, and the guy didn't think he needed to bring an NDA ... you know, just in case.  Ah, memories.

Do you think he'll listen??  Are you reading this now, Mister?  You're in trouble if you are!

Ugh, sometimes I think I should just change my name to Julia Goolia and start anew.

PS. In case any of my regular blog readers are confused, I am very much a free agent, as it were.  It's hard to pin me down ;)

Quote of the Day

"I've always thought that you would ruin the life of at least one very important person."
- my favorite high school ex-boyfriend, Dan, on the phone with me today.

Oh c'mon ... one?!?  Talk about aiming low.  I bet if I work at it, I can ruin THREE or FOUR VIP's lives!

October 20, 2007

Tech Guys, Listen Up

Lilly wishes the doggie sweater sites were blocked on my computer.  Forever.

Although at times it seems like everyone and their parakeet Frisky have their own website, uh ... how shall I put this - they don't.  Yet.  But it will get much, much worse.  After all, how many of your exes/current romantic partners have a blog, let alone one where they post personal info/photos/(god forbid) videos?  Probably only one or two.  But as blogging software becomes more user friendly (or people adopt the stripped down versions, like Tumblr ... which I still say in my head "Tum-bRRR"), Facebook profiles more detailed, online video sharing sites like Vimeo, Viddler and YouTube more popular, an ever-rising percentage of the men or women whom you've seen unclothed will have information web-accessible.

Which means that soon a groundswell of support will grow for software that easily blocks their URLs for a specified period of time, so, in moments of weakness (which for me is like 95% of the time), you can't look at their pages to see gorgeous photos of their new girlfriend, who is from Brazil and has inner thighs which don't touch each other.  Bitch.

M---, the computer science guy I dated last year, developed his own makeshift version when we broke up and he didn't want to be able to access my blog, lest he read about the places I was vacationing with the new guys I was dating.  Totally understandable.  (I think he might have even blocked Gawker as well.  Even smarter.)

I envision something like this: a simple platform that blocks whatever URLs you type in (including Facebook profiles, Flickr photostreams, even, yeah, Vimeo channels), for a limited period of time, which you can adjust accordingly.

Maybe you're PMSing and lord knows what sorts of mushy (or worse, bitter) crap you might leave on your ex's Facebook wall - you only need 3 days and you're back to rational thought.  Or maybe you have a deadline and you really, really want to stop yourself from watching your not-quite-a-boyfriend's inane lip dubbing video for the 8th time, so you block his URL for 3 hours.  Or maybe you realize you need to detox on celebrity gossip - and you block Perez Hilton's blog for 3 months!

So tech nerds, make it happen.  Because honestly, I have work to do.  And this whole personal-stuff-on-the-web thing?  Very distracting.

Quote(s) of the Night

Watching Gossip Girls with Rachel Sklar over at the Huffington Post offices at 10 pm on Friday night ...

Rachel: They're supposed to be in high school.
Julia: They don't seem like they're in high school.  I wasn't like that in high school!
Rachel: I wasn't like that last week!!

Julia (about one of the characters): He's so funny!
Rachel: Uh ... it's scripted.

And from the actual show:  "You can't save a damsel if she loves her distress."

October 19, 2007

Fox Business!

Below, from Wednesday's 5 pm show, "Happy Hour."  I'll also be on tonight during David Asman's 7pm "America's Nightly Scoreboard."


I was going to go to sleep early tonight (under the covers at 10:30 - a RECORD), but something prompted me to get up and turn on my laptop.  And then I glanced over at my phone, on silent (it's always on silent), and I saw a number which hadn't called me in five months ...

He always said he would call when I finally moved out of my old boyfriend's place, and he had seen the Vimeo video I shot - as an odd coincidence, I was wearing the emerald earrings he gave me last Christmas.  I guess that's what prompted him to call.

It was so weird to hear his voice.  But what was even more odd was that I didn't feel ... the way I thought I would.  I was so angry and hurt when he stopped speaking to me, but god, now I'm incredibly glad he did.  It was the only way to really move on.  I mean, I care about him, I always will.  I still think about him.  But I'm pretty happy right now, and despite my continuing commitment-phobia, I'm enjoying my current love life.

I used to think that when I felt emotions about men while I was in relationships, that was the way things were and they would always be that way - because I felt them so strongly!  They HAD to be true!  I was CONVINCED I would marry A--.  Then I was CONVINCED I would marry M---.  And now?  I'm no longer convinced of anything.  (For the record, those are the only two men I've ever considered marrying.  And yeah, neither are my ex-fiance.  The irony does not escape me.)

I can't decide if the realization that it's difficult to trust yourself or your feelings in love is frightening and sort of depressing, or if it's empowering and sort of a relief.  Maybe a little of both.  I think the end result is that I'm more likely to enjoy the moments of falling and being in love, because I know they're ephemeral ... you might as well savor them while you can, right?

October 18, 2007

My New Apartment is So Small it's Invisible!

Last Night

Yesterday was one of those dear god, just get me through this days  ... I did shows on three networks (FoxNews, Fox Business, and one that will be broadcast both here and in China!) and two evening events - one book party at the Bloomingdale's in Soho for Imogen Lloyd-Webber (yes, the daughter of Andrew, and yes, she's STUNNING and yes, she went to Cambridge.  Totally unfair combo, of course), and then a brief stop at the Radar party.

Below, a few photos from the Soho book party.

with the lovely and very sweet Imogen Lloyd Webber

These guys all had British accents.  Three of them were single.
Guess which one flirted the hardest?  Hint: not the single one!

with Meghan Asha and Emily Gould
It's in Emily's Gawker contract that she has to roll her eyes in photographs with me.