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Hef's 80th: Viagra Should Make a Special Edition Pill In His Honor

Girls Next Door.jpg

I have a small obsession with The Girls Next Door - you know, the reality show featuring Hugh Hefner's trifecta of busty blondettes being surprisingly sweet to each other. It's their distinctive lack of cattiness that I like - more, even, than their cute ditzy comments or their tiny costumey outfits. (I love tiny costumey outfits!)

The women of reality TV, on the whole, fall into one of two categories - they're either bitches or they're hos who enjoy a good catfight while wearing stilettos. Krista, Bridget and "#1 Girl" Holly are just like Paris Hilton ... except not totally fucking annoying. In other words, they look like Barbies, dress like Barbies, talk like Barbies, but they're Nice Barbies so I like them. In fact, if all women sleeping with the same guy enjoyed each other's company as much as they did, the world would be a very strange, BIg Love friendly place.

Speaking of the guy they're sleeping with (or so they claim, although I have my doubts), his 80th birthday was today, so I did my AM New York column on the old Viagra-popping goat.

In conclusion, will a Playboy publicist PLEASE invite me to the Mansion already??


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you missed something catty about the show -- did you see the episode when hef's ex Barbie, whose name really is Barbie, came to the mansion? Holly was definitely jealous and catty about it!

Very good reading. Peace until next time.

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