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Not Your Average Congressional Trophy Wife

 Since I have a policy of only writing about good-looking people, I knew that one of these days I was going to have to do a profile on my sister-in-spirit, Kimberly Vertolli-Kirk. A Congressional Spouse, Annapolis-grad, Shih-tzu owner, Possessor-of-Northwestern-Law-Degree-and-Size-2-Body, Kimberly could kick Hil Clinton's ass, although I'm sure she'd rather pose for a photo.

In other words, ladies & gentlemen, she's a hottie from Biscotti. (BTW, I have no idea what that means, only that she and her hubby say it a lot to describe attractive individuals, and ... well ... say it out loud. Sort of addicting, right?) Below, the photo that ran with the piece, of Kimberly and some guy who looks like he wishes his hand were slightly ... higher ... up ...

Kimberly with Bush.jpg


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"In fact, while her husband sits on the right, Vertolli-Kirk leans left. “The role that government and religion play in the exercise of women’s rights remains one of my primary intellectual interests,” she says. “If the NRCC knew how different we were politically, they’d probably want to find him a new wife!”

He sits on the right she... leans left? I thought only men leaned one way or another? Guess we know who wears the pants in that household...Oh my diety what a way to phrase that.

So Republicans are trying to pass themselves off as not only "Fiscal conservatives" responsible for the largest runup of debt in the the history of the United States but also the party that supports "Reproductive rights of Females"

CAVEAT: as long as they have the baby and fuck their husbands on demand (hell lets make our wives like time warner and tune in to Sex On-Demand ..Roll over baby and let me rock it to ya).

Today the Republican appointed heads at the FDA announced that contraception "would possibly lead to Teenage sexual cults" and therefore should not be promoted or endorsed by the FDA rather "abstinance" should be asserted as the primary focus of prevention of teenage pregnancies...OMFG what idiots!!!

Jessica Cutler helped me find my way here. Love it. Great stuff.


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