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Prom Dress Donation Charities - So I Can Continue to Relive My Prom Ad Infinitum (and, uh, help people.)

Pink Dress 2.JPG

This is not the dress I wore to my prom. But I did love it enough to take a self-photograph (MySpace style!) while SITTING IN THE DRESSING ROOM at Nordstrom, oh, approximately four years ago. And while I don't wish I had bought it (there really aren't nearly enough opportunities to wear enormous fuchsia toile ball gowns that could kick Cinderella's glass-slippered ass), I do love the IDEA of wearing it. And if I could ever relive my prom, I probably would (wear it there) ... because that's the only place you could ever justify such a confection. That, and Halloween. Oh, and maybe your local Drag Queens & Queers Ball.

But I digress. The point here is that tonight I'm going to Seventeen magazine's Prom Dress fashion show at Macy's on 34th Street. Not because I'm desperately trying to become 18 again (cough, cough) - but because Operation Fairy Dust, NYC's resident Prom Dress Donation Charity - has a booth there. I'm writing an article on the stories behind the women donating their old prom dresses (for a magazine which shall remain nameless - it's bad luck until it goes to print). After all, memories from the Prom are amusing as hell - did you get laid, get drunk, make out with an ice sculpture? (No, No, ... uhhh ... maybe ... )

So giving the beautiful dresses to a new group of girls is a bit cathartic. Or maybe it's just our chance to live it all over again, this time, without a pink monstrosity. And the fake ID.


Prom dresses are only two steps up from Bridesmaid dresses.:)

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