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So, Seven Sex Columnists Walk into a Room ...

People love to say that New York is a "small town" - usually after finding out they slept with their boss's brother (oops!). But it's not REALLY a small town. It's an enormous town - they just had bad luck. The New York that sex columnists inhabit, on the other hand, really IS a small town, er, community. Damn. That analogy almost worked ...

Anyway, my point is that we all know each other - or at least know OF each other. So when Village Voice sex goddess Rachel Kramer Bussel invited me to a special themed evening called "True Sex Confessions" with half of the sexperts in this city, I had to go.

To be honest, I really wasn't in the mood (I'm rarely in the mood for anything that involves putting on "real" clothing and leaving my cocoon-like nest, er, apartment), but that certainly changed when I walked in to the stereotypical LES hipster bar to find it crammed with people listening to topics that would make your mother faint - (hell, I was shocked!): fisting, lost tampons, sex poop. Please don't ask me to explain the last one. I can't bear to think about it.

The one person I was especially excited to *finally* meet was Jessica Cutler - aka "The Washingtonienne." Ever since she stole my DC Hussy Thunder I've been bitterly bitchy about it, for several reasons, which I'll go into in another blog entry. Suffice to say, she has a much more defined jawline than I, and that's about all it takes for me to fly into a jealous rage. Anyway, a photo of us (along with uber-blogger Nichelle) is below. Note Jessica's chiseled half-Asian features, which I pine for. Damn her!

In the Flesh reading.JPG


Cutler hotter than you! Are you friggin' kidding me! You are BEAUTIFUL!

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