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Dating Advice From a Women Who Crusades Against Organized Sock Drawers

Bonnie Fuller Book Jacket.jpg

Today's AM New York column, Full 'Er Up: Dating Advice From Bonnie, is yet another self-help book induced article (yes, my editors have banned me from writing about these types of tomes for at least a month).

If you don't know who Bonnie Fuller is (uh, my mom didn't), get thee to a magazine rack. I have six words for you: YM, Marie Claire, Cosmo and Glamour ... and now I have two more words for you: Us Weekly. And one more word, also for you: Star. Magazine. Damn, that's two words. [Don't you love the literary device "I have ___ more ___ for you"? I never get to use it in print. Hmm ... now I know why people love writing blogs! They can use horribly kitschy rhetorical tools and make it look cool. Or tell themselves it looks cool.]

Anyway, the Bonster edited all of those magazines, and then, because she wasn't Busy enough (she really, really likes being Busy), she wrote a book with a really, really long title (33 words. I counted. Twice.) Basically the book goes like this: "If you, as a woman, think you can't handle having a wickedly-successful career with a hottie hubby and four mini-yous, then you're a giant pussy. So grin and bear it, cause this is the FULL life, beyatch!"

I'm all for the full life. Sometimes I schedule more than one appointment in a day. Occasionally I'll go crazy and leave a dish in the sink ... for twenty minutes. Once in a while I'll get less than 9 hours of sleep (it's horrible, I don't recommend it).

Okay, okay. So maybe I should stick to Real Simple ...

PS - The Bonster has the most melodious voice I've ever heard. If she wants to add another career to her life (sounds like a Fuller thing to do), she could definitely get her own show. (Or maybe be the Robin Quivers of Opie & Anthony??) I'd listen!


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