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Cheating is Fun. Open Marriages are Funner!

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In terms of couplings, as far as I can tell, here are your only options:

1) Monogamous and Very Very Bored
2) Alone and Very Very Lonely
3) Polygamous and Very Very Mormon
4) Divorced and Very Very Poor
5) Adulterous and Very Very Going to Burn in Hell

or ....

6) Open-Relationship-ous and Very Very ... Satisfied?

Read on for today's AM New York column, on open-relationships and why they might not be the Devil's Work after all.

Okay, I've never heard of them referred to as such, but I'm sure someone thinks that. Somewhere. In (stereotype alert!!) Texas. Or (more stereotypes!) Orange County, California. Or (definitely NOT a stereotype) Fox News.

But never in New York. Because here we're all polyamorous - in love with our jobs and our boyfriends and our manicurists and the guy who delivers sushi in less than 9 minutes.

Especially the sushi guy.


I love the concept of an open marriage...and in theory I feel that it should work well except for one minor glicth. Wherever human beings are involved there seems to be this matter of emotions. Certainly not in all cases but in my feable minded head I rely on the trust between my partner/wife and myself as a foundation for our relationships stability. As time passes such stability and trust has become more valued by me and my wife in our relationship. More so than the romp in the sack. In thinking about this topic and hearing the argument that trusting your partner to have carnal relations with someone else is a form of trust but also realizing the emotional turmoil that many (not all) people will go through in such a situation I realize that such an agreement is not for all couples. Precisely becuase of the emotional maturity that is required of both partners to make and understand such an agreement. I cite the following story as evidence that this is more the case than not in America. Many years ago when I was in a young adults Bible study group (yes I was raised in a conservative household)The subject of open marriage came up and the instructor called it an abomination. I raised my hand and asked him "whats exactly is wrong with 2 consenting adults that both agree to the open marriage?" It was the last time I was allowed back to that Bible study group. I was literally kicked out of a church group. Honestly, I don't think most Americans actually have the maturity emotionally to handle the concepts of "open marriage" but I sure do hope that todays generation can change such dogma's as monogomous marriage. It would be a much more interesting and realistic world.

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