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Going to the Chapel and We're Gonna Get Pretentious ...

Wedding Caketopper.jpg

Tis the season to get hitched – and whether they’re embarking on a starter marriage or tying a new knot after the old one(s) frayed (“Fifth time’s the charm!”), Manhattan brides know that only one thing matters more than whether the groom shows up: did they wrangle a mention in the NY Times Wedding Announcements??

Unless you want to pay – and no one does, that’s tres gauche – clawing your way into that bastion of archaic pretentiousness requires discipline, strategy and dedication to the Art of the Proper Announcement.

Of course, to learn the art, you have to study the art – a true devotee has a range of analysis to make. Since brides, more than any demographic (except perhaps SAT tutors) love checklists, I’ve lovingly prepared the following article for those who wish to embark upon Meticulous and Exhaustive Official NYT Wedding Announcement Research.

This week's AM New York column -
Getting Hitched ... And Announcing It Obnoxiously in the NYT


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