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Michael Wilbon, God of Sports, a Subject I Do Not Understand


This lovely photo was taken in Washington DC after dinner last week (April 27th). As you can see, I was getting all the preppiness out of my system in anticipation of my return to the Wear-Black-Or-Get-Mistaken-For-A-Tourist-And-Shoved-In-Front-of-Taxi Capitol of the world. (Hello, do you SEE the baby blue Lacoste polo? The matching sweater tied around my neck? The pearl earrings? The - did I mention Lacoste polo? Wearing outfits like this is the reason why - the ONLY reason why - I love DC.)

None of which has anything to do with The Great Michael Wilbon, however, who has taught me everything I know about sports, which is to say, nothing at all. I know that he understands sports, and that's enough for me.

And no, I will not get you his autograph.

Although for the right price ...

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