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Yeah, Bookmark My Column Archive ... For The Kids!


This artwork (from the front of a now-sorta-lame-cause-it-was-cool-like-three-years-ago "statement tee" I found on the web) is homage to the few people who still occasionally call me a "sex columnist."

I'm an amateur relationship-based cultural sociologist, damn it!! A baby David Brooks, if he were female and twenty years younger and ... uh ... writing a dating column for a subway newspaper. And more liberal. Or at least that's what I tell myself late at night when I sob into my pillow "WHY didn't I go to graduate school so people at the New York Times would respect me????" And then I wake up and realize that there are no such things as PhDs for people who want to write their dissertation on self-help books. (WAIT! Yes there are!! )

Anyway, the entire point of this entry is to point out the new, much more easy-to-remember (cause you're thinking about it all the time, I'm sure) URL for my AM New York column archive:


In addition, it's been updated with the most recent copies of every column I've done for AM, so if you literally have NOTHING ELSE to do at work and for some reason you've tired of fantasizing about Britney cutting up Kevin's credit cards. (And his testicles, while she's at it.) Hmm ... this is why I have to stop reading Us Weekly ...


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