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Anne Coulter, Demon-Spawn Who Terrifies the Times

Ann Coulter Evil Demon.jpg

I don't get it.

Instead of the ball-less, sorry-ass headline the NYT came up with June 12th: Anne Coulter, Word Warrior, why don't they stop being pussies and say what all rational people think already:


The embarrassingly spineless article, by David Carr, begins: "Once again, Ann Coulter has a book that needs flogging." Hmm ... and once again, the NYT is more than happy to flog it for her, with (of course) an ironically high level of journalistic deference to the hate-spewing subject. Sure, Carr acknowledges that Coulter only says the shit she does to get attention, that most people find it distasteful, even - gasp - immoral, but he concludes that pretty much everyone is too afraid of her to do much about it. The Times used more vitriol on James Frey.

Carr then actually writes the following sentence: "seeing hate-speech pop out of a blonde who knows her way around a black cocktail dress makes for compelling viewing."

I want to kill myself. This is the wrist-slap Coulter gets for making our world a more miserable place every time she opens her vile, excrement-filled mouth?

The bitch actually said (referring to the 9/11 widows) that SHE'S NEVER SEEN WOMEN ENJOYING THEIR HUSBANDS' DEATHS SO MUCH. All Carr comes back with is that it's a "doozy of a sentence." Pardon me, Mr. Carr - do you HAVE ANY TESTICLES AT ALL??

The mealy-mouthed conclusion: "You can accuse her of cynicism all you want, but the fact that she is one of the leading political writers of our age says something about the rest of us."

CYNICISM? That's all we can accuse her of?? And the crap that comes out of Ann Coulter's mouth is our faults????



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My first guess is, a lot.

But you have to have some sympathy for Carr. Coulter is an alpha-male and it must be hard to interview someone who is more manly than you are, especially when that person has breasts.

But seriously, there is no excuse for Coulter's comments. And certainly no excuse for the NYT's failure to call her out. Scary that Matt Lauer, host of a kitschy morning show, has the cajones to put her on the spot but the keepers of "All the News that is Fit to Print" do not.

I'd have to agree with the above. Knowing that someone with breasts has more balls than you do, that has to suck. My conclusion? Something should be done about the both of them. And fast.

I can't tell which is worse...

that she is on Jay Leno right now and he's complimenting her on being an excellent writer or the fact that I'm here telling you this instead of doing... ANYTHING... else.

She's a jerk. She's flaunting the fact that no one has said anything to her about 'calling those four women out' on the Today Show.. she actually IS proud of herself.


The problem isn't what Carr wrote, it's that he wrote about her at all. He's right, she does say these things just to promote herself -- and it works, even if the media outlets who give her attention manage to also point that out. The only way to deal with someone like Ann Coulter is to ignore her completely.

Babies learn that crying gets their parents attention; Ann Coulter learned that saying hateful and shocking things gets her media attention when she needs to sell books. Neither are proven wrong.

well, julia perhaps we should begin writing our own newspapers...with actual oppinions in them that refelct the individualism that the constitution tries to preserve...or not... becuase the history of such an endeavor has resulted in the current NYT's. however, a new ppolitical tabloid offered at teh super market could just do the trick.

i have been thinking about this for a long time...usually i get reminded of it when I am in the super markets at the checkout line scanning the front pages of the tabloids and wondering what morons read such crap...usually as some idiot picks one up...then i realize liberals and/or democrats have gone about this entirely the wrong way...we write fact filled articles in harpers weekly...and other "liberal" publications that most of americans have never even heard of...let alone read. but while ordinary americans are at the checkout line they can dream about brangellina and wonder if jennifer wil ever get over brad...liberals/democrats need to get into these everyday americans lives at the place they frequent the most...the shopping market checkout lines...their psyche needs to be shifted...and a political publication in the guise of a weekly tabloid where the writers are free and expected to rake anne coulter over the fires of a hell could do be just the right frivolous distraction that is needed to turn the heads of americans against the machine...

I do hope you sent this entry to the times editor...

I'm not so sure it's balls that lacks in Carr's area, I believe that any writer or journalist given the chance won't think twice about castrating a political pundit if they could, it's their publication that puts the brakes on them--because they have an audience to cater to and newspapers to sell and investors to please.

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