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You're Invited!! And You Have No Idea Why!

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Is it just me, or do you ever get Evites where you sit there stumped for 20 minutes thinking, "Do I know them??"

Last week I received one that invited me to "Heather & Suki's birthday" with this tempting offer: "it's our birthday. come get drunk."

Wow. Sounds like my kind of party. But - are we friends?

Today I got another one - along with 470 other invitees - to a Sagaponic clambake on the beach. I was confused.

The inviters' names looked familiar ("Mike and Chris and Ryan and Meg"), in the way that common names tend to. I felt like I SHOULD know them. But ... umm ... I didn't. Did they go to college with me? Were they random readers of my column? Guys I'd slept with? WHO WERE THIS PEOPLE AND WHY DO THEY WANT ME TO COME TO THEIR CLAMBAKE????

In the future, I think Evites should include photographs of the inviters and short bios so the innocent invitees won't have to waste their time typing names into Facebook and muttering, "I really hope I haven't had sex with this person so I don't have to buy a gift."

PS. What Bush would say on this subject: "Listen, I'm the Inviter. I Invite People. You're the Invitee. You Get Invited. He hehe he."

Well, it was funny in my head, okay?


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you were added as a 'friend of a friend' - namely RKB. sorry for the confusion.

Julia, I noticed you didn't approve my silly comment the other day. Why do you need to approve our comments at all? Censoring comments is not cool. That's all we need, more "journalists" with no appreciation for freedom of expression. It's funny, everyone would think State controlled media is wrong and we'd feel sorry for the citizens of any nation where expression needed to conform to state policies. Yet here in the blogosphere where any Joe or Jane with the gumption to put their thoughts to web page gets an authority usually reserved for those with absolute power, albeit in a insy bitsy teenie weenie kind of way. So what do they do, now that they control all the decisions? Censor, of course. Sigh. Julia, please consider this the next time you feel superior to a fascist.

Also, don't say I didn't warn you when the revolution starts.

I think this just means you're cooler than me. I don't get invites from random people I don't know. Why don't they love me, too?

But more importantly: Why don't people just e-mail their party information? E-vite is lame-o, I think. Just an extra step in what should be a very simple process.

Just found your site. Have to say I'm lusting after the design...so fabulous it makes my teeth hurt.

Now, to get reading....

Do you think these clambake fellas would let me run around in circles on the beach in my boxers and sparklers? It's a July 4th tradition for me...

I'd censor someone who used 'Jor-El' as their commentary "name" too.

Ha! Nice Jon Stewart impersonation, and hey Jor El is bothering me. I dig your column in amNY and I just saw your website so I figured I'd check it out.

"I'd censor someone who used 'Jor-El' as their commentary "name" too."

That just makes you equally insecure and shallow. OK, my real name is "dave" and I like to masturbate to pictures of soiled diapers. Happy?

Yeah, I think I was agreeing with you, Brando.


Julia has my permission to censor me at any time she feels she should. I can be extremely sardonic, nasty and extremely cruel at times. So for the sake of others that may not get my personal sense of affliction she has the POWAH of the delete button. no harm in that its her Blog...just like if you came into my home and did or said things I didn't like I would ask you to leave or not say those things in my house.

Contrary to popular belief this blog is Julia's home to keep as clean or let run amock as she chooses...we are guests.

As for your argument about censorship and journalistic right to free exspression. Julia is not the United States Governement..she doesn't possess that POWAH but I dare say if you wrote something with due thought she would think twice before she used a delete button even if it was contrary to her personal oppinion. However, pithy comments stated without due thought I am sure she reserves the right to delete...My god she has saved me from myself on many an occaision by liberally using that delete button and for that I thank Julia from the bottom of my heart for saving me from public humiliation or for just being plain cruel.

As far as the e-vites...I utterly hate them.

Love and peace as always,


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