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Now THIS Is More Like It!

Coulter is an Alien.jpg

MSNBC's Olbermann tells Ann Coulter to go shove it up her skeletal ass. (as if she can fit anything else up there ... Bill O'Reilly's books aren't small, you know.)

My favorite line: "divorce and posing in Playboy - two things Ann Coulter will never have to face in her lifetime." (I think he was trying to be sarcastic ... but since no one would be bat-shit crazy enough to marry Coulter, she probably WON'T have to face divorce anytime soon. As for Playboy, c'mon, she may be "blonde," but even Hef has standards.

Before I dispense with Coulter bashing (it's too easy, I need something more challenging - like ... um ... figuring out why Britney's still with Kevin), let's sum it up:

Ann Coulter is ...

The World's Most Unhinged Lunatic AND Not Very Bright.


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I came to get dating advice and read some witty, original commentary not hear another new yorker do the tired, cliched, whine about the damn conservatives. Even if Coulter is a vulgar, self-promoting bitch, which she is, I don't come to your site to hear about it. Stop pretending you have an important political opinion and get back to the dating foxholes.

What's more significant is why she gets attention - A bunch of homophobic,
fat ugly old white guys who are in charge of the radical right said "You
mean there's a CHICK who agrees with us? Get that bitch a book deal!"

People watch Coulter for three reasons:

1) They're one of these (previously described) assholes, and having a
smart-looking, hot chick agree with them makes them feel better about their

2) Voyeurism, turning on the TV to see what rhetorical car-wreck she'll spew
out next.

3) I would say that about 85% of politically aware American males want to
bang the shit out of her, just once, and hard.

Every guy wants to think "she's not that big a bitch, she just needs some
deep dickin'. More importantly, if MY dick had the chance, she would
instantly turn into the kinky, acrobatic mink that must be repressed under
all those just-conservative-enough-to-make-you-wonder pantsuits." Huge ego

Just for the record: a skeletal ass is punishment enough so go easy on the woman. (WTF is it with Americans and getting all skeletal?!)


One of the he best political satirists of our generation... he does his work with diginity and taste.

It's funny to see a blog like this, which is essentially notes on style, bash another woman for her style (which is what people love or hate about Ann)... while pretending that you can mix with her based on substance.

Simple Truth: You can't. She'd eat you for breakfast in a one-on-one. You would have to resort to name-calling... which would be an astounding irony.

You'd be more speechless than George W. on a bad day.

But I'd love to see it.

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