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Reader to Julia: Shut the Hell Up about Politics, You Dating Columnist Moron

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I awoke this morning to a sagacious comment about my last two (verging-on-political) entries:

"I came to get dating advice and read some witty, original commentary not hear another new yorker do the tired, cliched, whine about the damn conservatives. Even if Coulter is a vulgar, self-promoting bitch, which she is, I don't come to your site to hear about it. Stop pretending you have an important political opinion and get back to the dating foxholes." - Jenny

Crap ... I've been served!

Jenny's right - I don't have an important political opinion. I know this because I just looked up the word "important" and apparently it means: "of great significance or value, likely to have a profound effect on success, survival or well-being."

I think we can all agree that my opinions (political or otherwise) are neither significant nor will they have a profound effect on anyone's success, survival, or well-being - let alone Ann Coulter's.

In conclusion, thank you, Jenny, for putting me in my place. I'm just a lowly dating columnist and shall henceforth stick to topics appropriate to lowly dating columnists.

Like ... um ... do you think Ann likes it doggie style?

I bet she does.


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"Like ... um ... do you think Ann likes it doggie style?"

I can tell you one thing, looking at her, she clearly doesn't swallow.

I wonder if AC has ever gotten laid ever. Can you imagine the great good one long, magnificent screw would do her? I think petunias would fall from her mouth and she'd be transformed into a powder blue Care Bear. Her soul would be released to streak across the sky in a bolt of lightning as bright as any Mountain Dew commercial. I'd be willing to take one for the team: I think when the red ON THE AIR light does dark and in candlelight she turns the ogre music down to mute and lets herself be loveable...


I think she was born without a pussy. Probably no anus too, that's why after she eats she needs to defecate orally. I find it amusing that conservatives say she's "hot". Take away her long hair and the only people she's turning on are senior citizen Germans who she'd remind of the good old days.

Hey Julz,
Don't worry about who thinks your opinion is important or not...
They don't realize your a poly-sci major. Not to mention you served on a presidential campain.
Just because you are a "dating coloumn" writer, does not mean that this title should define you...
I am very interested in any and everything else you should shed light on in the future. I admire your writing style and find it informative and uplifting. (No matter what the subject matter)
So do what you feel is important and write whatever you feel pationate about. I'll enjoy it, and I'm sure most others will too.
Thank you, and I'll be looking foward to your next post.

"poly-sci", "campain", "coloumn", "pationate".

"I admire your writing style"

Lol, one would hope.

Julia, I think you're better off listening to me.

Also, I have an idea for you.

You know how Katie Couric had a colonoscopy done on TV to show America the way to bowel fitness? I'm thinking you could fill a similar role teaching us ladies how to auto-orgasm. All you need is a web-cam.

Isn't it funny when you stay on topic no one leaves comments on your blog, but when you post about Britney Spears or Ann Coulter suddenly people starts leaving comments? :D

As far as Anne Coulter liking it doggie style...her extremely strong persona in public would suggest to some that she would be a dominant in a sexual context.

However, her very hardnosed personality has never shown any compassionate manner whatsoever nor any apology for her actions, words or writings in any published document i have ever read or seen on the topic of Anne Coulter. Such inability in public to reverse her positions suggests this would leave her psyche invulnerable to reversals. However becuase her public persona is so dominant it is commonplace for reversals of role from dominance to dominated take place in the intimate chambers. Her inability to be "bad" or "incorrect" leaves her psyche unstable...so she actually needs a reversal in her intimate chambers...so her intimate side (yes truely hard to visualize) will crave and fantasize about the reversal of roles. I suspect that not only does she prefer to be done as a dog but that she prefers intense feelings of humiliation that many victims report after having been raped and sodomized. For Anne her sex is not only violent but the more her partner or partners (yes partners becuase after a while she will have become immune from the humiliation only one partner could inflict upon her that she would inevitably need another partner during the same act) can place her in a state of humiliation the more she likes the encounter. She then uses this humiliation of her psyche to justify her retaliation against all the rest of the world. Hence her prolific writings and unstable attacks on people others would be ashamed of trying to vilify.

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