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But What If Nothing Happens In Vegas? Does It Still Stay There?

Julia Alex in Vegas.jpg

I'm off to Vegas unexpectedly this weekend - ostensibly covering the World Poker Tournament, even though I have NO IDEA how to play and absolutely NO DESIRE to learn. Why people would even want to participate in card games after the age of 8 is beyond me. Other than that whole "winning money" thing, which I do understand.

I've only been to Vegas twice - and both times I've managed to integrate a very small, very silver, very Vegas dress into my wardrobe (pictured above with The Boyfriend. And below with ... some guy dressed as Elvis I met in the elevator at my hotel.) This time I'm going wild and NOT bringing it. I'm doing Vegas in pearls and dresses fit for the Hamptons. I thought I'd mix it up, you know?

Although I guess watching boring card games all weekend DOES ensure that the details of my trip will definitely "stay in Vegas" -- no one aside from the guys at Stuff magazine wants to hear that kind of mind-numbing crap.

As Cindy Adams would say - Only in Vegas, kids. Only in Vegas.

Julia with Elvis.jpg


The Gaf.. west side...ask for the crumudgeon Keiron ..he will be glad to educate you in the eficacies of poker..but be aware he deals from the bottom of the deck in strip poker when he is dealing all the girls tend to be declothed very quickly...so don't let him deal...have fun in vegas.
I haven't ever liked playing cards either, mostly because I suck at it. Have fun!

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