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Reader Mail: Men's Brains Cannot Function When Confronted by Word "Panties"

Pink Panties - John Kacere.jpg

(Yeah, in case you think I'm an amateur pornographer, that's a John Kacere painting above. As we all know, a painting of someone's behind is much classier than a photo. Duh.)

Anyway, an ... interesting ... reader email appeared in my inbox today, regarding the last line of my column on Kate White, in which I reference "Chapter 27 - Think With Your Panties."

I just quoted the chapter title - I didn't expand upon it, or get into the issue of "panties" in general. And yet, as you'll see below, that was more than enough to set John a frothin'.

Which all goes to show that men and panties cannot coexist peacefully.

From: john [Email Removed]
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006
To: julia@juliaallison.com
Subject: think with your panties

Dear Julia:

I enjoyed your review of the book. I am dying to find out what the author suggests with this title heading.

Of course as a guy, I can tell you that we almost all have a panty fetish. Surprise! What I can't figure out is why these women running around in short skirts don't figurre that if they would just flash a beaver shot and a smile, she could attract any man that she desired. Its true, men would rather look up your skirt and see your panties than to see you naked. (this of course assuming that you are not wearing the dreaded grandma panties) Just for the record also, cotton panties belong on little girls and grannies. period.

As a contractor, I can tell you that if we are left alone in the house, most of us will invariably check out your panty drawer out of curiosity.

By the way, I hate, thongs, seems unsanitary to me and there is no silk back to rub on.

Also, women love to be taken by a strong man, and it is very erotic to forcefully rip her panties away. (I am not talking about lack of consent here or anything painful)

I happen to think that is is very intimate for a woman to run around in one of her man's shirts and her sexiest panties. It is also very erotic and flirtatious to wear that short skirt on a date, which usually will ensure that the man will open your door, especially if you make sure that he catches a peek and a knowing smile.

Just some random thoughts from a panty guy.


What do you think good ole Panty-Loving John would do if, in the midst of his Drawer-Snooping, he found THIS?

Panty Drawer Suprise.jpg


I love you? (good ole Panty-Loving John, not myself. I think love is for suckers)

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