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Reader to Julia: You Hate Poor People, Don't You??

From the mailbag (er, blog comment-bag ) ...

"BTW, what happened to your book contest? Here's a terrific idea: Why don't you donate the books to poor libraries in the Queens and Brooklyn areas of New York? It will save on postage and on blabbering."

Pink Book.jpg Pink Book.jpg Pink Book.jpg
Um ... yeah. About that ... book contest thing. Well, it stunk. Apparently no one - not even YOU, desperate readers, wants pink self-help dating books (or if you do, you really, really don't want to email me). And I'm ashamed to admit that it DIDN'T OCCUR TO ME to donate them to the libraries. Probably because I am a bad human being and I hate poor people.

However, now that this lovely and altruistic reader has pointed out the grave error of my ways, I will be donating these books to more deserved people. Because, c'mon, I'm for anything that will curtail my blabbering.

Actually, the truth is, I usually donate all of my clothing & random unused shit to Housing Works, but lately I've been a little uninspired by their charity. Maybe it's just me, but I'd much rather support my pet causes, which happen to be small animals and battered women - or battered animals and small women. Depends on the day. However, Housing Works is three blocks from my house and ... well ... I'm lazy. And a bad person (see above).

So - People Who Didn't Want These Books, I'm talking to you. Anyone else have a suggestion on who deserves them most? You can paste in the comments, but make this easy on me - give me a specific title and/or address. And ... uh ... can you pick them up from my apartment, too?

KIDDING! A messenger's just fine.


Here's your answer: http://www.housingworks.org/usedbookcafe/donate.html And, they schedule pickups, too...so you son't have to break a nail!
I did want a pink self-help book but I couldn't think of enough good reasons why you should give me one of yours. I say it's all part of my ongoing series called "Your Bullshit Happiness Isn't Fooling Anyone." My self-help book is going to be called "I'm OK and You're a Freak." Now I just need advice worth peddling... xxxjimmy
I was actually looking forward to seeing who recieved a pretty pink book and why...Currrently have way too much on my plate and just recently recieved even more so I decided a pink book would just sit on my desk unread and unloved...I hate it when books go unloved...:( currently rereading yet again... Zen In the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel I totally suggest it becuase it is very freaking short, sounds mystical and spiritual, is small and light and tucks away in a bag easily to be removed at a moments notice to impress all those people that see you reading it and for those of us that aren't it makes us feel better. Whereas a pretty pink self help book probally wouldn't leave a similar impression... So who got them? Robert

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