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Breaking News: Teenagers Don't Give a Shit What You Think

MSNBC: Articles You Could Have Written, If You Were Bored Enough

In an investigative coup worthy of the Pulitzer for MOST OBVIOUS STORY EVER, the "science journalists" over at MSNBC have discovered what your mother always suspected: Teenagers Are Retarded (emotionally, that is)

MSNBC Clip - Teens No Empathy.png

MSNBC Clip - Teens No Empathy 2.png

Because I'm sure you're dying to read the rest, here's the link.

And don't miss the other hard-hitting "LiveScience" headlines from today:

MSNBC Clip - Livescience Headlines.png

Next Up - Selling Sinful Urban Sex - Not Deadly!

MSNBC: Journalism At Its Finest

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