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Internizing - Like Womanizing. But Younger.

Our most favoritest Washington interns EVER!

BREAKING NEWS: DC Interns Are Hot and Everyone Wants a Piece of Them

Yes, that's the real title.  I swear.  Subtle, eh?

Mike Hume, a fellow Georgetown grad and reporter for the Falls Church News-Press, takes on the sordid world of HOT DC INTERNS and the MEN WHO WANT TO BANG THEM.  (And yes, I realize the article appeared like, over a month ago, but as you may have noticed, I'm not exactly known for my timeliness.)

I have a few small quotes in the piece, where I'm described as a "former Hill worker," which sort of sounds like "former sex worker."  I suppose the two jobs aren't all that different, if you really think about it, except that sex workers get paid a lot more.

Although I've never been an actual Hill intern, I'm nonetheless OBVIOUSLY qualified to talk about skankiness amongst our government's free employees, or "skinterns" as they now call them.

For your amusement, I've pasted the actual transcript of the interview of our interview after the jump.

Reporter Mike Hume: The main thrust of the article is that we've noticed a tremendous infatuation with D.C. interns lately.  What do you think about this whole trend of "skinterns" and inappropriately dressed female interns? Had you heard anything about it prior to this? What's your take on it in a big picture sense?
Julia Allison: The term ‘skinterns’ has been around for years – they were using that back when I was working on the Hill in 2000-2001.   I had taken a year off before my sophomore year to work for my Congressman, but although I was 19, I was a legislative correspondent, not an intern.  To be taken seriously, I made a very conscious effort to be appropriate - I had to throw out my entire collegiate wardrobe.  In fact, I dressed more conservatively than I ever have in my whole LIFE – before or since!

MH: Do you think that girls are doing this on purpose in order to draw attention, or is it more that they aren't aware of what constitutes proper attire?
JA: Girls dress this way because they’ve always dressed this way – how would they know differently?  After all, they’re 19, this is probably their first “professional” job, they’re used to college-campus dress (where less is more) and they’re just popping in for the summer – of course they might not realize how inappropriately clothed they are.  To be fair, it’s not always the girls’ faults – their intern coordinators have a responsibility to make sure they know that Laguna Beach attire won’t fly in the hallowed halls of Congress.  That said, we’re talking about nubile 19-year-olds here - I’m sure there is a distinct cadre that does, in fact, dress to get attention.  I just don’t think they’re the majority.

MH: Do you feel there's any benefit to being "sexy" as a intern? In Washington or otherwise.
JA: There could theoretically be a benefit if you’re smart about using your sexiness – but most girls so young don’t know how to do that.   Especially with the events of the last decade – from Monica to that infamous Vanity Fair article on interns to Jessica Cutler – there is a constant wariness of young, sexy interns amongst staffers and Congressmen.  No one wants to be fodder for the next Reliable Source / Wonkette expose.  So too much overt sexiness will scare away the very people these girls might be trying to attract.

MH: Do you feel that sex appeal is just as, or more beneficial than intellectual appeal?
JA: In 95 out of 100 cases, sex appeal is beneficial – as long as you know how to use it smartly.  It can turn people off just as much as it turns them on, especially other women – so you have to be careful.

MH: A few years back, you were publicly linked to Rep. Harold Ford, has that element of celebrity benefited your career at all or opened any doors that may have been closed?
JA: Being publicly linked to Harold has neither helped nor hurt my career.  Perhaps if I had gone public with more information, it might have had more of an impact, but as it was, I downplayed my involvement with Harold as much as I could.  It certainly never reached the level of Jessica Cutler, nor would I have wanted it to ... I absolutely respect Jessica and I think she’s a fantastic, fiery woman.  But I didn’t want to be known as “that girl who once dated Harold Ford,” - that’s not the career I wanted to have.  Other than a fabulous weekend ski vacation and a few fancy dinners, all Harold gave me was the certainty that dating a [politician] is overrated.
[Julia's Note: I originally wrote "dating a egotisitical wannabe-hotshot is overrated" but in retrospect, that might have been a bit harsh.  And really, that's the EXACT same thing as writing "politician" - so I have changed it accordingly.]

MH: Is there a fascination about interns in New York like there is in D.C.?
JA: Nope.  No one gives a shit about interns in New York.


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