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Have Laptop, Will Pose. With Laptop. Awkwardly.

I agree, The Blogger-With-Laptop Photos Are Super Lame.

Really, doesn't anyone own a desktop anymore??

Obviously I would NEVER pose in such a cheesy ... oh, crap.

Julia Allison with Laptop .jpg

Actually, I hate the above photo, not just because it's a totally obnoxious, ginormous cliche but because the shocking truth is, I don't actually look like that when I write.  For one, I use both hands.  Also, I never lay on my stomach.  Finally, I'm usually naked.  Okay, okay - wearing granny panties.  Sorry, it's true.  Ask The (Ex) Boyfriend.

Anyway, my web guy refuses to return emails or phone calls, so I can't get the damn photo removed until I convince some nice techy to help me.  HELP!!!!

I plan to replace it with the candid below of my shih-tzu Lilly blogging. Or thinking about blogging (she's a procrastinator).

Lilly was reluctant to take this photo, but I told her that the Puppy-With-Laptop pose hasn't yet been played out.  Yet.

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