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Snakes on a Pink Party Plane. I WISH!

Pink Party Plane.jpg

If you're wondering - and you're probably not - why I've been really MIA and generally unreliable with regular postings lately, it's not (just) because "flakey" is one of the top three adjectives people use most to describe me, but because I've been on a SUPER SECRET ASSIGNMENT in Chicago (read: watching my parents' dogs while they're on vacation).  That's right.  Illinois, baby.  BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I ROLL.

I'm finally returning to civilization tomorrow, hopefully on the Pink Party Plane, pictured above.  Or an anonymous crappy gray United jet, you know, whichever happens to be sitting near the gate at O'Hare around noon on Wednesday.

Honestly, though, how much more fun would it be to travel if all the planes were pink and upon boarding you were required to down three tequila shots?  OBVIOUSLY SO MUCH MORE FUN.  We should all write letters to the airline companies.

(Clearly spending two weeks in a house with only small white shih-tzus for company is not good for my mental health.)

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