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Slut-o-Ween Part 1: You're Not a Slut, You Just Play One on Oct 31st

Julia's Slut-o-Ween 2006   

Yeah, I actually tried to think of a more clever and/or family friendly title, but it just wasn't happening.

In any case, that's the true nature of the holiday now, at least according to the recent New York Times article "Good Girls Go Bad, for a Day."  You know, that increasingly-persistent tendency for women (me) to dress as slutty as physically possible - Slutty Bunny, Slutty Taxi Driver, Slutty Construction Worker, Slutty Giant Used Condom.  Since it's just one day a year, they're (I'm) not technically, you know, a real slut.

Wait!!  I think I've heard this trend discussed before!  But ... where?

Oh YEAH!  That's right - it was my column last year, "Letting It All Hang Out On Halloween."  That having been said, I'm quite sure I wasn't the first person to notice it.  It's not what you would call a "subtle" fad.

But honestly, haven't we lost sight of the best part of Halloween?  By that I mean:

Awwwww ...

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