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Slut-o-Ween Part 2: Julia's Slutty Costumes Retrospective

Julia's Slut-o-Ween 2006  

I took this down a few days ago, not wanting people who didn't get the joke to think I was "slutty," but you know what?  Fuck it.  After all, there are only so many years I can dress like this ;)

Gather ye rosebuds, bitches. 

Slutty American Flag, 2001
(in honor of 9/11, of course.  Because I'm a Slutty Patriot)

Slutty Saran Wrap, 2002

Slutty Pink Angel, 2003

Slutty Prisoner, 2004

Slutty Cop, 2005

Slutty Cupid, 2006 (in Feb for Valoween)

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