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Julia's New Made-Up Super Clever Word of the Day: Procrastalking

As you've probably noticed from my UBER-FANTASTIC and CRAZY-EXTENSIVE vocabulary, I get Dictionary.com's Word of the Day and have for the past four years.  (What?  Like you don't??)

Actually, my whole family does.  Sometimes we send each other emails trying to use that word in a sentence, but only if the word is really insulting.  (Although The Younger Brother claims Merriam-Webster's is far superior because of the audio pronunciation provided.  Whatever.  Of course, this is probably why I pronounced cacao "CA-COW" the other day.  Apparently that's not how you're supposed to say it.  Who knew??)

Anyway, the problem is that Dictionary.com is only helpful if you're into old, stodgy words like "aesthete," "fulsome," and "vertiginous."  Obviously those are pretty awesome words, but sometimes a girl has to mix it up a little.  That's why I signed up for UrbanDictionary.com's Word of the Day.  YEAH BITCHES! (I so love saying that.  I would say that after every sentence if I could.  YEAH. .. nevermind.)

Okay.  So.  UrbanDictionary's definitions are not, you know, those you might find in the "real" dictionary. But when I read them,  I feel hip ...  like a gangsta and a playa and all of those other terms that end in -a when they shouldn't.  And yeah, they've helped me figure out just what this "milkshake" is that Kelis uses to lure boys to her yard.

Since I was so inspired, I decided to create my own term today:


To delay or postpone actual work to cyber-stalk one's crush/current/ex/soon-to-be-ex.

eg. Yeah, I was totally procrastalking today - I had a column due, but I checked John's Facebook mini-feed 13 times!  And then I bloglined him!  I so have to disable my internet.

See also: procrasterbate

Lilly (as a puppy) procrastalked Langdon constantly instead of doing her reading.
Bad Lilly!

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