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Reader to Julia: I Only Date Models with PhDs and I Once Emailed MoDo. Did I Mention the I Only Dated Models?

I always promise myself I won't respond to stupidity, but ... I just couldn't help myself with this one.  I swear, you can't make this shit up.

From: [Name redacted]
Date:  Mon, 23 Oct 2006
To: Julia Allison
Subject: Re: men have brains on their mind


Big fan!  You are a great writer though without much perspective on what older people think.

With respect to your article, I'm a single guy in his early 40's. Erudite, good-looking, athletic, multiple ivy degrees, lived in Europe, don't watch sports on tv.  I'm never at a loss for dates and have actually had multiple email communications with Maureen Dowd. The last 5 women I've dated have been a former miss USA, 2 Ford models (the model you see in all the ski catalogues) a former model now gemologist and a former Ford model with a PHD.  And that's just last month.  I've dated the spectrum.

I don't know any men in their late 30's or older who look at female intelligence as a big seller in a relationship, though I know many guys who are the equivalent of gold diggers who look for women with money to have relationships.  I have two cautionary stories about emancipated women who dated guys much younger who turned out to be con artists.  Guys who are young might like women with brains and ignore all else but once those guys get experience they'll have none of it.  And the married friends who fell for that are mostly miserable now.

Ultimately it comes down to the big 4, physical appeal, spiritual compatability, relationship intelligence, and commitment to the relationship (and for those looking to have kids, NATURAL FERTILITY MATTERS).  Surprisingly, most women in NYC are behind on all of the big 4.  NYC is not a place like Miami or LA with a preponderance of cosmetic surgery or not like Colorado or Northern California with people concerned about fitness.  Most women are more committed to their job than their boyfriends and none have a commitment to the time it takes to develop a real structured binding relationship.  And with the internet and instant messaging, ADHD is a big problem when there is ephemeral greener grass a minute away. 

Do you ever hear guys talk about their latest conquest vs. the woman who is their best friend.  It's night and day.  Maureen Dowd was seduced by show business.   Anyone who has seen her on t.v. sees she's all dried up. 

You don't have to be a maid, you just have to be someone's best friend and have the big 4 (and natural fertility for the guy who wants to have kids). 

From: Julia Allison
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006
To: [Name Redacted]
Subject: Re: men have brains on their mind

Thank you for your lovely email.  In the future, however, I’d appreciate if you attached a spreadsheet with indexed jpgs so I can properly judge all of the models you’ve dated, classified into the following:  Commercial model, runway model, plus-sized model, hand model ... all crucial distinctions which you neglected to make.  In addition, please grade the models’ features on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being ridiculously, ridiculously good looking.  No curve.  Extra points for PhDs.  And NATURAL FERTILITY, of course.

***UPDATE!!  Douchebag Replies!!!


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