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UPDATE!! Reader to Julia Part II: New York Women Have Character Flaws, Jealousy Issues, Sarcasm-Overuse

**UPDATE!  [Name Redacted] has way too much time on his hands, so he actually replied so my request for a spreadsheet detailing his model conquests.  How did he know that I use ridicule and sarcasm to make my jealous, non-cosmetically enhanced self feel better when twats like him date models???  No WONDER he went to an Ivy League school!  He's so smart!!!

My favorite line involves the analogy between beautiful women and Microsoft Excel.  Awesome.

From: [Name Redacted]
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006
To: Julia Allison
Subject: Re: men have brains on their mind

Oh, I forgot, not only are New York women way behind on the big 4, for example, Brazilian waxes and cosmetic enhancement which have been standard in Southern Florida and California for 10-20 years, but they have an almost equal deficit from bad character flaws like their level of condescension towards women from anywhere else.  It doesn't have to be their natural jealousy of Southern women or West Coast beauties, it could be the girl across the street or someone in a different industry.  And of course the sarcasm and ridicule they use to make them feel better. 

No need to send a spreadsheet with photos.  If you open a magazine, someone I've dated is there.  No hand models or plus-sized models.  By definition, a Ford model and miss USA are 9-10s.  But let's try to keep this from being personal.  Interestingly, with respect to your rating system, there are women who are too beautiful.  They're like microsoft excel, itself, you could only use 5% of their beauty like you can only use 5% of excel's functionality. 

Why would any woman get extra points for being well-educated?  If a woman gets through with her PHD by the time she's 35-38 that means a guy who would marry her and want to have kids would be into the relationship for an additional "fix my jalopy" fees of $100K per pregnancy in fertility treatments, plus the bad side effects of hormonal treatments can wreck a relationship.  Back again to relationship intelligence.   

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