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Today's AM NY Column:
See Me Write About Seeing Alyssa Date!

Full disclosure: I wrote something more or less nasty about Alyssa in August when she started "See Alyssa Date," her dating blog for Glamour.  But after reading months and months of what amounts to a very-censored version of your most boy-crazy friend's diary, I've changed my mind - she's a doll.  Who knew The Observer's engagement section could make normal people look like such assholes?  Oh, wait.  Yeah.

Here's the column, or read it below, continuing after the jump.

NOVEMBER 6, 2006

You know that one friend who whines constantly about her love life, repeatedly asks for your advice, and then invariably refuses to take it?

Alyssa Shelasky is not that friend.

Of course, that’s because she’s bound – contractually – to follow the advice of her friends, and by “friends” I mean anyone who reads her 3-month-old dating blog for Glamour magazine.

Simply titled “See Alyssa Date,” it should really be called “Hear Alyssa Ruminate About Various Boys, Then Tell Her Whether She Gets to Sleep with Them or Not.”  But that might be a little lengthy.

Shelasky, a 29-year-old Massachusetts-raised Columbia grad and erstwhile US Weekly reporter, heard about the Glamour gig while going through a particularly difficult relationship crisis.  The “love of her life” told her he could never marry her because she wasn’t Greek Orthodox, and she was at an impasse.

“First I was like ‘no way’ – then I thought, no, I’m going to take the job, end the relationship, move to LA, just start fresh,” Shelasky says, “It was kind of a blessing.”

A blessing which has required the naturally outgoing and self-described “crazy-outspoken” Shelasky to write five entries a week about her man-adventures.  With a colloquial, confessional style, she doesn’t disappoint.

There’s “Greek Dentist,” “Edgy English Teacher,” “23-year-old,” “Sexy Euro,” “Jeremy Piven” (yes, the real one) – and that’s just one week.  The woman gets dates like a female Hugh Hefner, no Viagra necessary.

“Meeting guys is easy for me,” says Shelasky, who was voted “Class Flirt” in high school.  Still, despite being an attractive, petite brunette, she’s almost 30, lives in LA, and not a model, actress or even a D-cup … How does she do it??

“Well, I’ve kicked it up a little,” she admits sheepishly.  “I literally have to go in search of guys because I can’t exactly write about the fact that my jeans feel tight.”  Hmm.  Good point.

Having a job that forces you to meet men is a good start, but there’s no denying that Shelasky really does know how to get a date.  Her readers notice it too.  “What’s your secret?” they ask her again and again.

“I just talk to them!” she explains, “I'm hardly perfect, but definitely friendly. I believe that guys, even grown men, are still afraid of girls, and just need a little coddling.”

She’s absolutely right.

The men she meets aren’t in clubs or bars (“Honestly, I hate going out,” she insists), but on the street, in grocery stores, at coffee shops, in her building.

“I like strangers and I will totally initiate conversation,” she says to me over the phone.  “And confidence is everything.  If you meet a guy, just be your friendly, sweet warm self and any good guy will want more.  That’s my secret.”

Hmm … maybe this dating blogger doesn’t need advice after all!

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