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Jagillionaires in Suits. Not Dancing. Or Smiling. It's Dealmaker, the Mag!

That would be me (er, my ... rear) next to the Dealmaker sign, in this shot by Huffington Post scribe Ms. Sklar.  Photojournalism at its camera-phone best!  In any case, she chronicles the new magazine launch's party much better than I could, reciting actual boldfaced names and whatnot.

The whole thing just confused me - dour men in suits as far as the eye could see, and then a random - and I really have to emphasize RANDOM - Chinese dragon-person-thing moving throughout the room smashing a giant gong.  WTF?  Is this what makes i-bankers feel virile?

I was there because my two girl friends (see photo below) knew the founder, Magnus Greaves, which is pretty much the most awesome name since Lockhart Steele, and I think they should have a wrestling match.  Although if you've ever met either of them, it's staggeringly obvious who would win (Hint: not Lock).

Anyway, a year or so ago Magnus started a little magazine called Trader Monthly, which apparently did quite well, because now he's launching Dealmaker.  Both of these mags are for people just like you!  And by "people just like you" I mean people not at all like you in any way, but instead men who earn jillions of dollars in jobs that don't involve actually making or building anything and wonder whether they should, in fact, keep their case of 82 Margaux or just chug it already.

I just look at the mag to salivate at the private jet ads and think "if they can get PJs, maybe one day I'll have health insurance!"

Non-jagillionaires Julia, Cortney and Elisha

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