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Fox News, D-Cup Divorce Special

UPDATE:  Producers changed topics at last moment and I ended up talking about Snoop getting arrested, Tracey Morgan's DUI, K-Fed having sex with a porn star and Brit/Paris/Lindsay being hos.  Just another day at Fox News: The Morality Channel.  The best part?  I got to say "Well, [name of newscaster], you can't teach an old Dogg new tricks."  Which was awesome, obvs.

Was it the vest?

Will be on Fox News today (Wed) 11:48 am talking about GQ's Newlyweds 18th Celeb Couple to Divorce of the Year (awesome, really, to have that big interview/photoshoot on the newstands concurrent with their separation papers).  So, unless something more pressing than their split comes up, that's what I'll be discussing.  But what could be more pressing than that?

Oh.  Right.  This.

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