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U Penn Columnist Throwdown. Ho-down?


I actually tend to agree with young U Penn columnist Chloe Hurley's assessment - "Reading (or writing) about sex is about as titillating and fresh as microwaved lasagna. Which is to say, not."

She goes on to ennumerate all of the problems she has with sex columns, especially sex columns in the Ivy League (whew, one time I'm glad Georgetown didn't make it in there, those Jesuit SOBs!):

For some reason, people seem to think that coupling an Ivy League setting with sex is the most riveting and raunchy combination ever. I think it's getting pretty stale.

On top of it, every chick who's tasted a Cosmopolitan thinks that she's Carrie Bradshaw. Baby, just because you sit at home in front of your laptop in your underwear and can slur out some hackneyed puns don't make you no Carrie Bradshaw. Drop a few pounds, take a journalism course, and try me again.

Hmm ... Is she referring to Miss Jessica "Out of Your (Ivy) League" Haralson?  The Cosmo, the underwear, the ... drop a few pounds??  That bitch!  Jessica, you could totally take her.  Catfight!

Damn, where's Joe Francis when you need him?
I have to add that Miss Hurley is the same columnist who insisted, in her November 9th column, that Latin helps you "make sense" of yourself.  LATIN?  Ummm ... therapy, maybe.  Self-help books.  Yoga.  But Latin???

"If we all took Latin at Penn, we would understand dignity and humility. Truth and beauty. The most influential stories in Western thought were first recorded in Latin (or Greek). You could buy a translation, but it’s not the same as reading it directly. If I were taking Latin, I would have a stronger backbone and a clearer purpose in life."

Oh dear god.  And here I was, thinking she was a voice of reason.  No, Miss H, after seven and a half years of Latin, I can safely assure you that it does nothing for one's dignity or humility.  Trust me.

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