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Day 4: Holiday Party Crash - Gawker and NY Observer.
Try to Contain Your Schadenfreude.

ughghhhhhhh ... no moreeeee media partiessss


Will post the reviews for last night's events when I get around to writing them, sometime between now and 10 am.
   In the meantime, enjoy a little good-natured three am bitching.  And no, I haven't had anything to drink.   (Hmm ... maybe that's the problem??)

3 Reasons I Do Not Like Attempting to Interview Other Reporters at their Holiday Parties:
  1. No one ever wants to be quoted, which I find generally inexplicable.  It's a freaking holiday party, not an expose on your recent divorce.  WTF?  fuckers.
  2. Those who do talk, proceed to narrate for what feels like hours, only to conclude with "it was a great party."  AWESOME.  YOU REALLY THINK I'M GOING TO USE THAT?  IT'S A RETARDED QUOTE AND YOU KNOW IT.  again, fuckers.
  3. The final few - those who don't want to be quoted, but still want to talk - just try to interview you back.  I almost always fall for this trick, but I'm wising up.  See expletive in previous two points.
At least Nick Denton consented to a slutty-santa photo at his gawk-festivus last night.  Note my adoring gaze.  In general, those are reserved for gift-wielding boyfriends or people who defend my right to be an (amusing) publicity whore.  Denton is most definitely the latter.  Awww.

So I've got that going for me ....  Which is nice.

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