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How to Lose 170 Pounds Without Actually Dieting

I’ve been blessed (or cursed??) with gym-rat boyfriends for as long as I can remember.  Working out four to five times a week, they’d haul off in their sweats to lift or row or just flex their bulging muscles at the spandex-clad ladies while I’d take one look at my cute exercise clothing and flop, exhausted, on the couch.

Just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap.

Anyway, I've discovered a weight loss strategy that works far better than "going to the gym."  It's called ... "dump your boyfriend."  Oh yeah, and "don't eat food."  I think Mary-Kate Olsen knows this trick as well, although I supplement my not eating with beet juice and daily soy gouda sandwiches, so I don't think I'll be invisible anytime soon.

And without further weight-related ado, here's today's AM New York column, Dropping Pounds, Along with An Ex.

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