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Memo to Rosie & Trump: Just Sleep with Each Other Already

I'll be on Hannity & Colmes tonight (9:30 pm EST) discussing - for the third freaking time in as many weeks - the Rosie-Trump feud.  There are a host of things I could say at this point, all of them highly sarcastic, but instead, I'll just quote Trump's future ex-wife:

"Well, I think she has a really issue and problem with herself, anger inside and she need to work on that.  If you watch 'The View' you can see how hatred she has toward my husband.  Nobody ask her to tell any story anyway so what's her problem?  She should read his book. In every book he say, if somebody attack you, you attack them ten times harder ... but back, you know?"

how hatred indeed!

umm.  right.

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