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I wasn't on party crash detail, so I won't really get into the Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto's book launch Tuesday night except to say it was very, very, very gay.  I mean, exceedingly gay.  Gayer than Ryan Seacrest.  Gayer than Anderson Cooper.  Gayer than Neil Patrick Harris.

Mmm, Neil Patrick Harris.

But then again, that's to be expected for a party hosted by Perez Hilton, below.  Who is gay.  In case you weren't aware, I've drawn it on his photo.  You know, just to remove any lingering doubts from your mind.  In other words, LADIES, HANDS OFF!  Seacrest, on the other hand...

photograph by the lovely Kate.  Photoshop addition by me.

More gay happy photos after the jump.

with Joan Rivers.  who is HOT, by the way.  and looks a lot like my grandma.  with slightly ... tighter ... features.

with Brooke Parkhurst

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