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Playboy's Advisor: Pretty Much the Best Job Since ... well, Hef's.

Today's AM New York column, "Chatting Up Playboy's Sexpert," features Chip Rowe, Playboy's Advisor (Knower Of All Things, Sexual and Electronic) for the past decade plus.  He's fantastically entertaining, and I can guarantee that during our lunch at Michael's two weeks ago, we were the only people in the room who integrated the word "lubricant" into our lunchtime conversation.  Several times.  (Chip's a big fan of lube)

In any case, his book - Dear Playboy Advisor - is damn amusing.  Of course, any compilation that includes the following line (from a very grateful guy about his recent threesome) ... “I wished all my guy cousins and dead ancestors and all the male friends I ever had were there to witness it" ... is obviously a must-read.

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