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Today, Fox News, 9 am

It's not that I have a problem waking up at a reasonable hour (reasonable = 9:30 am), but after spending THREE freaking hours frantically attempting to fast-foward through the self-congratulatory snoozefest that was the Golden Globes last night, I don't really feel like popping out of bed at 7:30 am to talk about it.

That said, I'm going to anyway.  So if you're up, I'll be on FoxNews at 9 am discussing Vanessa Williams' hair (channeling Diana Ross) and Cameron Diaz's dress (personally, I liked it) and Prince getting stuck in traffic (sure, if by traffic you mean "coke") and Jennifer Hudson and America Ferrera proving that one can still look hot and not be a size 2 (cue girl power crap here).

I probably won't mention how goddamn annoying E! babbler ("on air personality") Guiliana DePandi is.  All I could think while she was "interviewing" celebrities was "someday a celeb is going to do the right thing and just punch her" and when they do, I will repeatedly watch it on YouTube and laugh hysterically.

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