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Words You'll Never Hear Me Say Again: TAKE ME TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!

So.  Now that the Bulls Bears are going to this giant thing they call the "Superbowl," I've decided I'm suddenly a huge sports fan.  Also, I've heard they have very good parties there.

The problem is, see, that, um ... I don't have tickets.  Or, you know, like, any money to buy them.

Which is a great opportunity for YOU.  You can take me to the Superbowl!  Also, I'd like to bring a girl friend.  If you don't mind.

So email me.  We'll talk.  I won't make out with you if you take me, but I am willing to discuss wearing a Bears cheerleader outfit to the game.  Although I think the one above may be designed for 7 year olds.

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