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Julia's 16th-ish Birthday: T-2 days

So, the birthday is this Wednesday, Feb 28th, a date I find approaching with uncomfortable rapidity.  Especially since I want to have a massive party, hopefully involving a lot of tights and tiaras.  The problem, of course, is I haven't actually, you know, planned anything yet.  Um ... oops?  Right.

So I'm either going the "spontaneous" route or I'll have it next week and it will probably be just as shoddily-arranged, but not on my actual birthday.  Isn't there a way to have a fantastic party, without having to do any work at setting it up??  Where's MTV's My Super Sweet 16 when you need them, damnit!?!

Either way, it's going to be 80s themed and I'm wearing the dress below.  Because, c'mon, what's a birthday without a Poufy Sparkle Rainbow Dress with Ginormous Puffed Sleeves, singing along to Journey?  NOT A BIRTHDAY AT ALL.

photo by the fabulous Nikola, ambrel.net

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