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File Under: St. Patrick's Day, Happy

St. Patrick's Day: Where some see opportunities for binge drinking, I see opportunities for green costume-and-hat wearing and/or foisting of shamrock bandanas upon small white dogs.

Lilly, working it.  Owning it.  Showing it love.

With the poop-joke loving Bill Schultz (and clown puppet, to my left.  because that's normal), after FoxNews' Redeye taping last night.  Apparently not everyone got the "wear green for St. Patrick's Day memo" ...

With the indefatigable Greg Gutfeld, who actually ate a green bagel on air last night.  Probably a first.  Maybe not the most impressive first - but a first nonetheless.

I have absolutely no idea what was funny.  But surely something must have been.  And I guarantee if that was the case, it wasn't a joke of mine.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, blah, etc.  May you vomit green!

I say that in a loving way, of course.

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