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FoxNews Live tomorrow, 11:30am

Tomorrow, LIVE from the Anna Nicole Smith funeral.  And by "from the Anna Nicole Smith funeral" I mean "in Fox's studios on 6th Avenue."  But it'll feel like I'm there, because I'll be wearing a lot of makeup.


In fact, I practiced my sober "Anna-Nicole-funeral" facial expressions last Tuesday on FoxNews' endearing new show RedEye, hosted by the insanely energetic (without crack! I think!) Greg Gutfeld...

Despite being on the show the entire hour, I never actually said anything of substance, but I did laugh a lot at everyone's jokes.  Which is why they liked me, I think.  Perhaps if I had learned that lesson earlier in life, I'd have a few more fans and a few less,  uh ... non-fans.  Smile and nod, right?

with the adorable "ombudstud" Andrew Levy.

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