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Julia Loses Bet, Gets Trashy Navel Piercing 10 Years After Trend Dead, Feels Sudden Urge to Move to Atlantic City

So while you guys were out doing normal Tuesday night activities - bowling, karaoke, tripping small rollerblading children with sticks - I was trapped against my will in a grungy lower east side tat parlor GETTING MY BELLY BUTTON FLESH PIERCED.

Yes, I lost a bet.  No, I will not tell you what the bet was.  Suffice it to say, it was a big one.  And although I am a winner, the small metal ... thing ... that is lodged within the circular indentation in my lower abs is a now constant reminder that even winners can lose.  And be forced to wear diamonds cubic zirconium in their body crevices.

I recorded the event for posterity, so you too can witness my face as the angry tat & piercing lady eagerly shoves a needle through my skin.  She loved every moment, let me tell you.  I, meanwhile, am contemplating hanging out in Staten Island, where I can bare my now bejeweled belly with pride.  Jealous?  That's what I thought.

The final result.  Classy, eh?  Britney Spears, WATCH OUT!

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