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FoxNews' Redeye Last Week

If you've ever seen Redeye - and really, unless you have something like a JOB which requires you to be awake in the morning or whatever, you have no excuse not to watch every night - you know that they frequently discuss Very Important Subjects, oftentimes involving bestialty and/or squirrels (in general, not sex with them.  although I'm sure they'd be down with discussing the logistics of that).

Last week, we covered the following ground:

Rosie, and specifically why I haven't been asked to be a guest cohost on The View (I'm not a lawyer, or a lesbian.  Last time I checked.  I'm sure we could work something out, if that's what they needed.)

Sex predators, Miss America.  Somehow they make sense together.

Anorexic is the new Crack Whore.   Obvs.  It's way cheaper, too.

And finally, a little sex-tricking. Um ... right.  The guy told her that he needed to "apply her medicine" via his schween.  Really, you can't make this shit up.

Unless that's one of your fantasies, in which case, by all means, go apply your meds.

Or watch a clip of that show here:

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