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In DC this weekend

Me, circa 2004, Supreme Court style.  Holla, etc.

Anyway, the S.C. really doesn't have anything to do with the rest of this post, it just happened to be the first DC-esque photo I ran across.  Right.  So ... tomorrow I'll be down in Washington covering the White House Correspondent's Dinner for the Huffington Post.  I've been trying to go to this damn dinner since 2000.  Only took me seven years, but who's counting?

Unfortunately, I'm setting my expectations for a scandal-filled weekend rather low.  After last year's Stephen Colbert fiasco, the freaked-out organizers hired Rich Little, someone so old-school, so non-confrontational, so absolutely inoffensive, so practically dead that nothing truly amusing could happen, with the possible exception of him forgetting that the current President isn't Roosevelt.  Then again, Karl Rove could always jump around like a gimpy squirrel on crack.  Nothing better than lame-duck season in a non-election year.

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