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On FoxNews' Redeye, with my new, really crappy haircut

To all the ladies out there, a warning:

Although you might say, very, very clearly: "Hair Stylist, please DO NOT cut ridiculous amounts of layers so I look like Jennifer Aniston in 1995," what they may hear is "I want to look JUST LIKE Jennifer when she was really, really unattractive!  Three inch layers are AWESOME.  Please butcher my hair!!!   No, really, do it!!   And while you're at it, MAKE SURE IT WILL TAKE YEARS TO GROW OUT!!!"

Screen shots from Redeye last Saturday April 14, below.  It's headband-and-ponytail season for me from now on.

Here on Redeye, we only talk about Serious Important News ...

like strip club fees.

And Katie Couric's SEVENTEEN-YEARS-YOUNGER Boyfriend.

Personally, I think it's hot to be a cougar.  I'm all about that.  Except if I tried to go 17 years younger, I'd be dating 3rd graders.

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