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This Morning, Fox News Fox & Friends, 6 freaking 20 am

Discussing Rosie & Elisabeth's tiff on the View yesterday morning.

Oops - you missed it!  Probably "sleeping" or some shit like that.  Nice life, lazy.  Screenshots and a reenactment below, for your benefit -

Anchor: Who do you think won, Jill?
Jill: Elisabeth, because [fill in cogent and nicely worded answer here].
Anchor: Who do you think won, Julia?
Julia: Uh ... Rosie.  And Elisabeth.  Also, Rosie.  [fill in unintelligible, un-follow-able other stuff here].

What I meant to say (and what I said to myself in the car going home) was "Rosie won on style, Elisabeth on substance.  Shockingly."  That just didn't come out, exactly.  Or, you know, at all.

with Star mag's extremely-coherent-at-6-am Jill Dobson.  Me?  Less so.

Double boxed with Rosie!

hmm.  Why do I feel like I just came dangerously close to making a sexual joke?  That's what I get for staying up all night ...

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