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Crap I Did This Weekend, Part 1 - Saturday Night Live Season Finale After Party

Saturday night was SNL's season finale wrap party, which I swang by with the (newly 17!) and absolutely adorable Leven Rambin.  Not really in the mood to do a comprehensive write up at this moment, but a few quick notes ...

If I had my own Julia version of the Gawker Stalker, I would report that shortly after introducing myself to a completely disinterested (but HOT) Ivanka Trump [conspicuously absent - boy-mogul-toy Jared Kushner], I saw myself knock a wine glass out of her hand, splashing it all over, shattering it on the ground, and mauling the feet of various party-goers while she looked at me as if I had a serious form of contagious mental retardation.  Super smooth.  As usual.

Also spotted - Renee Zellweger, Zach "the douchebag" Braff, Andy Samberg (um, obviously, right?), Sarah Chalke (who is as sweet and unpretentious as Zach is, well, a douchebag and douchebaggish), Heroes' Zach Quinto and 30 Rock's Lonny Ross.  Below, another 30 Rock'er, the absolutely stunning Katrina Bowden, who could be Leven's twin, as well as a younger Christine Taylor, circa her "Hey Dude" period.  Needless to say, taking a photo sandwiched between the two of them was not one of my brighter ideas.  Nothing like 17/18 year old blonde bombshells to make one feel old, dowdy, and very, very fat.

30 Rock's Katrina Bowden, Not-a-Blonde-Actress me, All My Children's Leven Rambin

Leven's heel (the black one) by Prada.  Mine by ... oh hell.  Nine West.  Jealous?

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