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Adventures in Living in Sin

Today on The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet - Relationship 101: Moving In with Your Significant Other

My take: When you start to think of your apartment as an expensive and extremely inconvenient closet, it's time to move in with your beau.  Or boo.  Whatever you call him.  As long as you're on the same page about why you're moving ("so she can do my laundry more efficiently" may not go over well, but I suppose at least you're being honest), what you'll do with the expenses (nickel & dime, split 50-50, divide according to income, or my personal favorite - let him pay for everything!), how you're going to deal with stuff (you get all of the closets, he gets a drawer, and yes, at least one joint IKEA meltdown is mandatory), and of course, the various ways you'll lie to your disapproving family (I highly recommend just not telling them, and if that doesn't work, insist you're still a virgin and the mere thought of sleeping in a bed with a boy shocks - just shocks - you.  Hint: hide your bondage gear.)

Watch the segment here!

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