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Today, FoxNews, a little Hilton love at 7:20 am, 5:30 pm

I'm not going to even show you the up-close screenshots, that's how tired/puffy/generally hideous I looked this morning, attempting to talk on Fox & Friends (and later on The Big Story with John Gibson) about the insidious schadenfreude this entire country (and parts of the UK, I'm told) is experiencing over Paris Hilton's imminent jailtime.

Being a friendly contrarian by nature, I took Paris' side.  I think I'm literally the ONLY ONE (according to a TMZ poll, 96% believe Paris "got what she deserved.")  Look - of course it's not okay for her to drive drunk - jesus, I get upset when people drive seatbelt-less (Corzine, you hear that??), but the unbridled glee with which the nation is celebrating her punishment strikes me as a little ... unsettling.

In general, I think criticism of Paris tends to be unwarranted, due mainly to it devolving into a debate about her sexuality or purported promiscuity, which, in my opinion, should be completely off limits for judgment.  She can sleep with the entire NFL and several Greek islands, and I'm not really sure why that gives anyone the right to abhor her the way they do.  My thinking was - she's rich, stunning, dresses like a Barbie, and loves attention - I thought I smelled an unhealthy dose of jealousy and said as much.

In any case, after I stuck up for her on John Gibson's show, I received this email from a friend, chastising me:

Julia -

  Never would have thought of you as a Paris supporter. The reason people can't stand her isn't jealousy, but because she never does anything positive with her fame. If she even just set a good example, telling kids to stay in school and work hard, that might make her a little more acceptable instead of the punchline of a dirty joke. Then again, she had all the best given to her (best schooling, best life) and she just pissed it all away because she never gives any consideration to having to work for herself.


The Lone Paris Hilton Supporter - 0.
Everyone Else Who Thinks Paris Hilton is a Tool - 259,999,999

I concede defeat.


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