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Last Night - TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential Gala.

In vintage Nordstrom Rack (ha).  Yellow Moe purse designed by the incomparable Mary Rambin.

So, here's the thing.  Well, there are two things, really.

Thing #1) I haven't yet slept since attending the dinner last night, so I'm not really going to get into the details (now) except to say ...

Thing #2) I met TIME's Ana Marie Cox for the FIRST TIME!!!

There are probably about four people alive who can fully comprehend the enormity of this for me, but I'll attempt an explanation.  Ana - back when she wrote DC's political blog Wonkette - was the very first person to ever make fun of me online (an impressive distinction, really).  She called me out when I was a baby sex columnist at Georgetown, after the then-Washington Post gossip reporter Lloyd Grove busted me for seeing ex-Rep Harold Ford.  Lloyd is now a friend of mine (Harold, not so much), but although I kept hearing about Ana through the media grapevine, attended some of the same parties - and even re-enacted conversations involving her - I never managed to actually get a face-to-face ... until last night, when she sat down TWO SEATS FROM ME.  Ahh!

It blows my mind that it could take five years for us to actually meet, but I have to say - totally worth the wait.  I've always respected Ana's writing; she's fucking smart, and the most hysterical political writer since Chris Buckley.  Like many women writers (okay, women in general), she's incredibly self-deprecating with regard to her work, albeit unnecessarily so.  She gets far less credit than Maureen Dowd, while consistently being a better writer and thinker.  Also, she's much hotter.  Which is neither here nor there, of course, but it's something I really can't help but add, namely because I'm a shallow bitch who's always secretly wanted to be a redhead, damnit.

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