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And the Finalists Are ....

Ladies and Gentleman!  I know there's nothing you like more than a good "name that dating column" contest that never ends, but alas, all misguided experiments must come to their just conclusion at SOME point.

SO!  Thanks to the 250 people who entered - and especially to those cheeky bastards over at Datehole, who compiled quite the extensive list all on their own.  Nothing really expresses the essence of my column like "Dating for Fun and Profit," ""You're Too Stupid to Date by Yourself" and of course, the classic "Carrie Bradshaw is Fictional."  (or IS SHE?)

The finalists for the 2007 Time Out New York dating column contest are ... 

Dating Info and Stuff
Dating, Schmating

Up to Date
It Happened Last Night
The City That Sometimes Sleeps
Save the Date!
It's a Date!
Single File
J. Date (ed: hahahah)
I Heart NY

Time Out, Lover
Allison in Dating (ed: A lesson, get it?)
Tales from my Bed
Message of Love
The City that Never Sleeps ... Alone
Dateline (ed: Um ... Think that's already taken)
Romeo & Julia

Sex Degrees of Separation
Scrubs, Whores, and Mimbos--Oh My!
Cun't Hardly Wait
Tease for Two
Sexy Driver
The Sinful Life
In a New York Date of Mind (ed: har har)

UM ...
The Daily Clap
Romeo, Juliet and the Hotdog Cart
T&A with Julia Allison
Banana in the Fruit Basket
The Future Mrs. ____
Sex in a NY Minute (ed: one should not aspire to be a minute man)
Dating Yourself

Deep Inside Julia Allison
Julia Allison: Pounding the Flesh
Pimpin' NYC
Coital Conundrums
Menage a Julia
I'll Screw Manhattan
Seriously Twisted Dating CLINIC, with Julia, Your Naughty Nurse of Nasty Nightlife (ed: this suggestion was from my COLLEGE POLYSCI PROFESSOR.  Dear GOD)

Make-out Artist
Dispatches from The Jungle
Whore in the City (ed: clever!)
Small Talk?
Not Willing to Settle
You Again?
My Very Own Dating Column

Lost in the Rambles (the author said it was an 'ode to central park')
New Yorker? I just met her
Hopeful Apples
You Can Call Me Allison, but That's Not My First Name (wink).  (ed: Um ...)

Complete* List of Suggestions after the jump ...

*more or less

  • The In and Out
  • J.Date
  • Sexytime Outings
  • Just in the New York Time
  • MasterDating with Julia
  • Sex & The 6 Train
  • Pimpin' NYC
  • Love & Taxi Cabs
  • Time Out of Mind
  • To Live and Date in NY
  • Make Out New York
  • The Daily Cooze
  • The Good Nighter
  • Play on Players
  • Date Zilla
  • Rendezviews
  • Love Matters
  • Gender War games in Gotham cave dwellers
  • Romeo, Juliet and the Hotdog Cart
  • Dating Anyone?
  • Clock in on Your Love
  • Love Shack
  • The Dating Confessional
  • I'll Screw Manhattan
  • Sexiles of Manhattan
  • Laid End to End
  • Long Before the Afterglow
  • Scrubs, Whores, and Mimbos--Oh My!
  • Desperate in Manhattan
  • Naughty Nurse of Love
  • Seriously Twisted Dating CLINIC, with Julia, Your Naughty Nurse of Nasty Nightlife
  • Afternoon Delight
  • Dates and Nuts
  • Dating Yourself
  • My very own dating column
  • Dating Insider
  • Dating Info and Stuff
  • How to Date Like a Pro
  • Love is a Battlefield
  • Just Teasing
  • Aiming to Tease
  • Catch & Release
  • By Myself
  • Duly Dated
  • The Big Apple's Amour
  • Dateless in NY
  • Dating by Numbers
  • Cunt Hardly Wait
  • Big Apple Aspriations
  • Dating NYC and the Planet
  • Carbon Dating NYC
  • Nothing's New Under the Sun - Except Dating with Julia Allison
  • Updating your Dating Universe
  • Labor of Love
  • Come Together
  • For Love or Money
  • Singled Out NY
  • Sex, Love and The Big Apple
  • Big Apple Lovin'
  • Big Apple Delight
  • Couples Therapy
  • Sexopolis
  • Gotham Grinders
  • Getting Gotham
  • Get Some Gotham
  • Mate in Manhattan
  • Julia's Garden of Earthly Delights
  • Snide and Promiscuous
  • Taint it the Truth!: Sex in the Modern Era
  • The Naked and the Unsaid
  • Don't Hate Me, Hate the Game
  • As I Lay Pining
  • The Mistress of Prissness
  • The World According to Gab
  • The Dater's Digest
  • The Sexual Shaman (Shawoman)
  • The Trials of Courtship
  • Coital Conundrums
  • Sex, Lies and Pontificate
  • I Love NY
  • I Heart NY
  • Between the Sheets
  • Menage a Julia
  • The Daily Clap
  • T&A with JA
  • Deep Inside Julia Allison
  • The Assifiles
  • Pounding the Flesh
  • Banana in the fruit basket
  • Hopeful Apples
  • Time-IN New York (acronym, TINY heh)
  • Or Two Time New York
  • Time Out, Lover
  • In the City That Never Sleeps (Alone)
  • The Hot Sheets
  • Pick Up Nights
  • Lonely Too Long
  • Conversation Peace
  • Looking!
  • GridLock Datin
  • I’ve Got More First Names Than Dates
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • Poll Me
  • HuffHo
  • The Dry Hump
  • That Time of the Month Week
  • No Means No
  • Retarded Dater
  • Carrie Bradshaw is Fictional
  • You’re Too Stupid to Date by Yourself
  • Arched Backs are Hot
  • This Will Someday Be a Book So Don’t Worry About It
  • I Went to Georgetown and All I Got Was This Lousy Column
  • Dating for Fun and Profit
  • Communicable Ideas
  • Golf Pencils in Mine Shafts
  • How to Be With Leather, Forever
  • [COLUMN NAME] sponsored by Valtrex
  • Link Whore
  • The Panty Trade
  • Just Not That into This Column
  • Single Sexcapades
  • New York Steamy
  • Kiss & Tell
  • Anatomy of a Hook Up
  • Two on the Aisle
  • Desparately Seeking Coupledom
  • Small Talk
  • Sex & the City

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